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Training & Support

Training & Support

Proprietary Systems and Unequaled Support

You don't have to be an expert in residential cleaning services to start your franchise. All that's required is ambition and the willingness to put our tools and resources to work for you. We offer all of our franchisees thorough training and unmatched support from day one through the evolution of your business.

Benefit from The Cleaning Authority time-tested business systems, including:

  • Customer Acquisition Program.
    Sophisticated, targeted, and effective marketing on a local scale and executed nationally, this program drives approximately 80% of local customer acquisition.
  • Human Resource Management Tools.
    Our franchisees have access to systems and programs that help facilitate recruitment, hiring, training / development of a strong team, and management infrastructure. We will help you leverage the human resources component of the business into your greatest asset.
  • Customer Retention and Win-Back Programs.
    We want our customers to be with us for life. That said, we have developed unique customer retention and rewards programs to help our franchisees retain as many customers as possible year over year. And should one cancel service, our win-back program is designed to regain that business as effectively as possible.
  • Highly Sophisticated Software.
    Our unparalleled business management software allows our franchisees to track their business assets (customers and employees) and optimize efficiencies in real-time. This helps drive profitability across all areas of the business.
  • National Call Center.
    Our call center agents field calls from prospective and existing customers on behalf of our franchisees, providing a high-level of customer support while owners and managers may be in the field or handling other items.
  • Advanced Digital Strategy.
    National and local website infrastructure with an integrated calendar for real-time estimate scheduling 24/7 online.

In addition to systems designed for your long-term success, you also receive ongoing support from the corporate staff, including the following:

  • Dedicated Operations Representatives.
    They have achieved success as a top performing franchise owner and can give great insight and advice on growing your franchise because they have been there and done it successfully before. They can easily relate to the situations that often present new (and tenured) franchisees.
  • Corporate Team Expertise.
    The Cleaning Authority executive team and corporate staff have a total of over 150 years’ experience supporting and developing The Cleaning Authority model in franchising. They know the business.
  • Customer Acquisition Experts.
    Our network has a team of marketing experts that have driven tens of thousands of inquiry calls this year alone. Additionally, the franchisees get the support of a team of graphic designers and videographer.
  • Technology Department Built to Innovate.
    The Cleaning Authority treats technology as a way to grow the business, not as a means to execute it. Our technology department literally built the systems from the ground up, and we invest in technology as a network in order to continue to improve bottom line profitability.

Peer Coaching from Other Franchisees

Your franchise peers are a huge resource as well—odds are, they've been in every situation you'll be in and can help you navigate the process of getting your business up and running successfully. We see it as one of the most important obligations we have as a franchisor to aggregate those experiences to accentuate successes and mitigate challenges. As a franchisee of The Cleaning Authority, you are in good company.

Among our system, we have franchisees with a depth of previous experiences, including over 90 MBAs, corporate executives from Fortune 100 companies, and previous franchisees of other brands. While this in no way means you have to be a successful corporate executive or MBA to operate a franchise, it is a testament to the strength of the individuals who see The Cleaning Authority as a desirable investment for their future.

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Ready For Success

What Do You Want Out of a Business?

The Cleaning Authority Offers:

  • Repeat Customer Base

  • Approachable Start-Up Cost

  • Few Receivables

  • Little Inventory

  • Recurring Revenue

  • Service Provided M-F, 8-5

  • In-demand Service

  • Territories Available