Meet Our Franchisees: Carlos Tinedo

Meet Our Franchisees: Carlos Tinedo

Carlos and his wife immigrated to the United States from Venezuela during the summer of 2015 seeking a better opportunity for their family of five. Carlos spent most of his career in finance in Venezuela, working for 12 years as an accountant before becoming an accounting manager at Coca Cola.

After working in the corporate realm for more than 20 years, Carlos decided to stretch his entrepreneurial muscles and become a business owner. He had the experience; he just needed the right opportunity. Carlos opened a hardware store in his hometown, but after working for a multi-national company, the speed of a small retail store wasn’t the right fit.

Carlos then started seeking out franchise opportunities that he knew would provide him with corporate resources while allowing him the freedom to run his business.

"I stumbled upon it in my search for franchise opportunities. When The Cleaning Authority popped up as an option, it seemed like an obvious choice due to the fact that everyone’s house needs cleaning, the corporate resources are spectacular, and their current franchisees are very successful," said Tinedo.

After comparing a number of options, Carlos learned about The Cleaning Authority and decided it was the best fit because he liked the company’s software, national call center and additional resources for franchisees.

"I was looking at four or five other options and all of them paled in comparison to the support The Cleaning Authority offered its franchisees," said Tinedo. "I felt like the brand was a solid investment; it’s a great company with honest core values. They provide franchisees with an opportunity to grow at a quick pace, and with my previous business experience, I think growth is extremely attainable."

The couple moved to St. Petersburg, FL and is eagerly anticipating the arrival of their three children, ages 23, 20 and 15, after they finish school in Venezuela.

"So far, the transition has been easy, but the kids are in St. Petersburg with us on summer vacation," said Tinedo. "I think watching them return to Venezuela for school will be the greatest challenge in opening the business. I will be ecstatic when they graduate and are able to help my wife and I with the business."

Tinedo sees St. Petersburg as a great city with high business growth potential.

"We really want to engage with the community and plan to as soon as possible. We love this city and we’re very excited to start this business here," said Tinedo.

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