Meet Our Franchisees: John Mansour

Meet Our Franchisees: John Mansour

After a successful career working his way up at Pizza Hut corporate, retiring from the company as the Vice President of Operations for Illinois, John Mansour decided to utilize his franchising experience as the new owner of The Cleaning Authority in Schaumburg, Illinois.

John immigrated to the states from Jordan when he was 17, looking to earn an American college education and establish a successful career in the U.S.

"At 17, I immigrated to the states from Jordan and grew up in Chicago. I completed my education from Northeastern Illinois University and started my career with Pizza Hut as soon as I graduated," said Mansour.

After graduating from college, John became an Assistant Manager at Pizza Hut, which developed into a 30+ year corporate career with the brand. John climbed the ranks, eventually overseeing the company’s Illinois operations.

"I started as an Assistant Manager and worked diligently to earn the title of Vice President of Operations for the Illinois market, said Mansour.

After taking an early retirement, John realized that lifestyle wasn’t for him, so he began looking into franchising opportunities that fit his skill set and desired business model.

"I soon realized I wasn’t the type to just sit at home, so I began looking for a new venture to embark on. After a franchise broker introduced me to The Cleaning Authority, I knew I found the industry – and company – for my second act career," said Mansour.

After coming across The Cleaning Authority during his due diligence period, John believed the brand’s scalable structure and extensive corporate support would help him successfully expand the franchise in Schaumburg.

"I wanted to do something for myself and I was looking for industries outside of the restaurant world," said Mansour. "The Cleaning Authority was recommended to me through a franchise broker, so I talked to the corporate team and immediately recognized that the company was well organized and the processes were excellent."

Given his background in franchising, Mansour has a clear opinion of what he will need to do in order to be a successful franchisee with The Cleaning Authority.

"I have been in franchising for a while now, so I believe that franchisees are entrepreneurs. But as a franchisee, you have to make sure you follow the proven practices and processes of the company," said Mansour. "I’ve noticed that most franchisees that fail tried to reinvent the wheel. As long as franchisees follow the guidelines that are laid out by the brand, they will always see success."

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