Meet Our Franchisees: Steve Bratton

Meet Our Franchisees: Steve Bratton

Steve Bratton is no stranger to business ownership.

"I started my professional career immediately after attending El Centro College in Dallas. I opened my first restaurant at age 23 and have worked in the restaurant industry in the Dallas-Fort Worth area ever since. I worked with Corner Bakery for 12 years and before that, I worked with Boston Market," said Bratton.

Bratton recently took over The Cleaning Authority territory serving North Tarrant County in Texas. The transition seemed like a good fit because he feels that the business model is sort of like restaurant catering, but with a cleaning service instead of food.

"I have always been in the service industry and that’s what I enjoy doing. In this new opportunity with The Cleaning Authority, the model is sort of like catering, but cleaning, instead of food. My skill set from the restaurant industry fits with this environment, but I will be able to work more normal business hours," said Bratton.

When Bratton first got involved with the restaurant industry, he opened independently without a well-known brand name to support him.

"In 1985, franchising was still a new concept. The business model has evolved a lot in the past 30 years and that is a big reason why this time around in my business ownership, I’m not opening “Steve’s Cleaning Service.” I wanted to get involved with a team that knew the ins and outs of the industry and had a good system in place," said Bratton. "After working with corporate America for several years, I learned to really value well-established systems."

For Bratton, the best part about franchise ownership is developing relationships with employees and seeing them grow. Since taking ownership, Bratton has committed himself, to doing what it takes to keep his employees happy.

"The best part about this kind of work is developing relationships with employees and seeing them grow. I’m impressed with how hardworking my employees are - they put in a lot of hours and I have a great deal of respect them. I will do anything to keep them happy," said Bratton.

Bratton is taking over this location from another owner.

"I was able to get a lot of advice from him and I am lucky to be moving forward with a well-established client base right away," said Bratton. View more testimonials to learn more about The Cleaning Authority affect.

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