Meet Our Franchisees: Yobayi Molina and Michael Bustamante

Meet Our Franchisees: Yobayi Molina and Michael Bustamante

Yobayi Molina and Michael Bustamante led a successful business in Venezuela as entrepreneurs. Yobayi was born in Caracas-Venezuela in 1966 and earned her bachelor’s degree in public accounting in 1992 from Andrés Bello Catholic University. She then worked with her father, running a shoe store chain throughout the nation, climbing her way up within the company until she became the CEO.

Michael was born in Cienfuegos-Cuba in 1977 and earned a bachelor’s degree in physical activity and sports from Cienfuegos University. He moved to Venezuela in 2004 and married Yobayi in 2007. He worked as a sommelier at Sibaris, a fine dining restaurant in Caracas, until he decided to work in the family business as a general inventory manager for six years. Yobayi and Michael then founded their own company, Inversiones 7920, C.A., a group of shoe stores located in central and southwest Venezuela.

After deciding to relocate to the United States, Yobayi and Michael began looking for ways to put their entrepreneurial spirit to use. They began researching franchise opportunities and quickly learned that the industry offered more than fast food chains. The business duo realized the profitability of the cleaning industry, and shortly thereafter, they were speaking to existing franchisees to learn about their different experiences in franchising. After performing due diligence, the team decided that The Cleaning Authority was a lucrative opportunity that they could successfully run in Naples, FL.

"Although we both love the shoe industry," said Yobayi, "we wanted to do something new and completely different."

When they met the corporate team from The Cleaning Authority, Yobayi and Michael knew that they had found the franchise opportunity that we wanted to buy into.

"We learned about the brand while attending a franchising conference in Caracas hosted by a group named Globofran. We liked what we saw and knew there was a future in this industry for us," said Michael.

The couple went through the validation process and called as many franchisees as they could, asking them as many questions as they could.

"It was very helpful to learn what other business owners had experienced," said Yobayi. "We knew nothing about franchising. We really thought the franchising world belonged mostly to restaurants and food chains, as well as home and office supply chains."

While exploring the franchising industry, and meeting the corporate team in Baltimore, the couple felt that The Cleaning Authority would be a worthwhile investment.

"Our goal is to provide a good service, to grow and to be recognized in our community as a reputable cleaning service company. We want to continue the tradition of excellence and customer satisfaction expected from The Cleaning Authority franchise system." said Michael.

The couple is also planning to give back to the community by joining in charitable causes for the development and well-being of Naples.

"We do not know how many more challenges lay ahead, but we are determined to overcome each and every one of them to be as successful as we can be as The Cleaning Authority franchisees," said Michael.

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