Meet Our Franchisee: Zach Collard

Meet Our Franchisee: Zach Collard

Zach was born and raised in Chireno, Texas and has both a bachelor and master’s degree in Computer Engineering Systems from the University of Houston. From 1998 through 2001, Zach worked at NASA developing software. He then continued his career with Centerpoint Energy, Gas and Electric and managed a group of about 80 software developers.

After working in the corporate world for years, Zach was fed up with it and ready for something new. He bought a staffing and professional services company about three years ago called Link Staffing Services. He then decided to become involved with The Cleaning Authority because he liked the tangible aspect of helping people and knew that the company made a priority of helping others, both internally with employees and customers. “They have a focus on providing exceptional support to franchisees and the service itself improves quality of life for customers,” Zach said. The Cleaning Authority that he purchased in Humble, TX has already been open for eight years and has a wide net of valuable customers that he’s excited to work with moving forward.

“I liked the idea of having an established business so I could be in control of revenue. Franchising provides a good support system and doesn’t require you to start from scratch,” Zach said. “I have had good experiences with my franchisors at Link and The Cleaning Authority and trust their direction. “

As Zach transitions into his role as owner, he wants to focus efforts on working with local foster care companies to help connect kids with first job opportunities. He also wants to get involved with local food drives and existing efforts that The Cleaning Authority supports nationally, like Cleaning For A Reason.

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