Overcoming Fear in Your Business

Overcoming Fear in Your Business

Often times fear stops people from doing things. Sometimes it’s something small, like going on a tall roller coaster or asking someone out on a date. But, other times fear can stop people from going for something that would be very beneficial to them, like taking the leap into opening their own franchise.

One of our franchisees, Laura Liebler of Lutz-Brandon, FL, recently brought up a source she used to help overcome her own fear, Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles”, specifically the chapter entitled “Experience The Fear and Take Action Anyway”.

Laura had been working in a corporate executive career, but when the company was closing it gave her the opportunity to follow her dream of owning her own business. She had a lot of fear going into it, and that fear was only heightened by many friends and family members who thought that the risk of business ownership was too great.

“I believed so strongly in not living my life with the regret of never having tried, that I moved forward with my pursuit of business ownership. After a small start-up company didn’t take off the way I hoped, I knew the benefits of owning a franchise would minimize my risk and propel me to success more quickly than re-creating the wheel with my own business,” Laura said. “Throughout my early years of business ownership I felt fear creeping in many times, but I never let fear keep me from moving forward and living the life I always wanted.”

Is fear stopping you from moving forward? If so then this may be the book for you! For more advice and counsel, turn to our FAQ page or testimonial videos.

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