Meet our Franchisee: Michelle & Larry Peterson

Meet our Franchisee: Michelle & Larry Peterson

In 2015, Larry and Michelle Peterson wanted to find a way to start living at their lake home on Lake Anna full time. As a longtime customer, Michelle had always joked about owning The Cleaning Authority, and they decided to make that joke a reality.

Before becoming business owners with The Cleaning Authority, the high school sweethearts both worked in the corporate world. Larry worked at Fairchild Controls and Michelle for Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association, where she still works.

The couple believed in The Cleaning Authority’s services and processes so much that they felt becoming owners of The Cleaning Authority was a great fit. “We learned about the brand first as customers and fell in love with the system. We had tried other cleaning companies in the past and really believed in The Cleaning Authority’s process,” Michelle said.

Since opening their doors in December 2015, the Petersons have loved that owning a franchise means you’re not left out to dry once you’ve opened. “We appreciate that support,” Larry said. “It is helpful to have a constant connection with the corporate team.”

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