Meet Our Franchisee: Greg and Ola Treco

Meet Our Franchisee: Greg and Ola Treco

Greg and Ola Treco have worked together for decades. The couple spent the first 15 years of their marriage living in the Bahamas, both teaching in the public school system. They also had a franchise business in the home appliance (Whirlpool, Electrolux, Samsung), restaurant, and retail industries. They then joined a company and became general managers in education, accounting, and management. At that company, they worked in the same office together for 12 years.

“After working together for over 20 years, we learned it is important not to go to bed angry. In professional conflict resolution, it is important to make sure that you’re listening and communicating and understand that communication is a two way street,” Ola said.

The Trecos found out about The Cleaning Authority as customers and actually decided to franchise with them based off of the strong customer relationship. “We were looking for something to call our own and were impressed with how quickly the process went with The Cleaning Authority,” Ola said. “Throughout the process, we became sure that this was the best brand for us. We never actually thought we would be interested in residential cleaning, but we found that the brand’s infrastructure had depth and was supportive. It is a comfort to know that everyone on the corporate team is there for us, follows through and gives us input to make us successful.”

Their son-in-law will be playing a key role in the business as soon as it opens and will transition into more of a leadership role as they get established. The Trecos are excited to see their business grow and would like to turn it over to their children at some point.

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