Meet the Franchisee: JoAnn Goodhope

Meet the Franchisee: JoAnn Goodhope

JoAnn Goodhope is jumping into business ownership, partnering with her best friend Cindy Fields to take over The Cleaning Authority in Orlando, Florida. JoAnn has spent her career doing everything from building custom homes to working as the assistant director of student life at a university.

While working these jobs, JoAnn always admired her friend Cindy’s entrepreneurship with her The Cleaning Authority office in Gaithersburg, Maryland. “Cindy has successfully run the business for over 20 years and always encouraged me to get involved with a similar business path,” JoAnn said.

When JoAnn learned that the location in the Orlando area was potentially closing, she took the chance to get involved with the business and take over The Cleaning Authority to save jobs from being lost in the community. “I knew it was time to take advantage of the connection and pursue the business,” she says.

JoAnn believes her vast job experience will help her as she takes over the business, “I think getting involved with franchising is a good fit for me because I can adhere to different kinds of systems but am able to use previous experience to strengthen my innovation as a business owner,” she says.

JoAnn is excited to fulfill her dream of business ownership alongside her friend.

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