Debunking Common Franchising Myths

While franchising is one of the largest sectors of business in today’s world, few people are actually aware of not only how the systems work, but also the great variety available in the field today. Here are three common misconceptions that we’ve set the record straight on:

Franchising is only for fast-food.

When many people hear “franchise,” they might think of McDonald’s or Burger King. However, franchising isn’t only for the food industry! House cleaning is a $46 billion industry with recurring and cash-based revenue, the perfect opportunity for investment. Consumer spending in this category is expected to continue to grow, as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that overall demand will increase at an annual rate of 7% through 2018. The Cleaning Authority also provides a schedule based on regular business hours and little to no inventory, allowing you to have the lifestyle you always wanted. Many of our current franchisees never saw themselves owning a cleaning service franchise until they saw just how profitable and efficient the business model of the The Cleaning Authority was.

Franchising is risky and highly susceptible to failure.

While there is always some risk in business ownership, franchising is considerably less risky than the alternative of starting a small business from scratch. Franchisees follow a proven business model and work with dependable resources available from our corporate office to maximize efficiency and profitability. At The Cleaning Authority, we provide extensive systems and support so that our franchisees are well-equipped for success, which is one of the main reasons our franchisees choose us. “It had the support that I felt would give me a strong background, a strong leadership,” said franchisee Jennifer Sidenstecker of Henderson, NV of her reasoning for picking The Cleaning Authority.

Purchasing a franchise requires a large capital investment.

Buying a franchise doesn’t have to cost you your retirement funds! At The Cleaning Authority, we offer options in different price ranges depending on territory size. This could mean an initial investment of as low as $80,000 with minimum liquid assets of only $50,000. Tony Cortina, The Cleaning Authority franchisee of Rochester, NY says that before finding The Cleaning Authority, he thought that purchasing a franchise meant spending a great deal. “I knew there were some other low cost opportunities, but to me that seemed like buying a job for myself, which didn’t interest me,” he said. “With The Cleaning Authority, I’m buying an enterprise, rather than a job.” While the initial investment doesn’t cost a fortune, franchisees still have the opportunity to grow their business with the potential for very high, scalable profits.

If believing any of these myths was holding you back from considering franchising, visit our website today to learn more about why franchising with The Cleaning Authority is the perfect choice!

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