Meet our Franchisee: Tom O'Donnell

Meet our Franchisee: Tom O'Donnell

When Tom left his job in July of last year, he began searching for alternatives to the corporate world that he had been a part of for the past twenty-eight years. While on the job search, a franchise consultant came across his resume. Tom decided that he wanted to try something new and began looking at different franchise opportunities.

“I wanted to build a business of my own using the experience I’d gained from 28 years of Operations management,” he said.

Upon evaluating The Cleaning Authority more closely, Tom found that it was the perfect opportunity for his new career. His experience as Vice President of Operations for two different companies helped him see just how systematic and high-performing The Cleaning Authority business model is.

“Being from an operations background, I like the fact that there are many key performance indicators that you can look at to manage the business,” he said. “In addition, the Marketing function—I did some research into that and it seemed really top-notch and very capable of reaching customers who would benefit from the services we provide. The cleaning system itself—it’s a solid, repeatable process that allows you to train your teams to produce consistent results.”

Tom really loved how all of the facets of the model are thorough and work with one another to maximize efficiency.

The call center is another aspect of The Cleaning Authority that stuck out to Tom. During his franchise search experience, Tom learned that they were not easily come by in the business.

“I’ve called other competitors that didn’t [have a call center] —I’d have to leave voicemails, they didn’t respond when I put in requests online.” He saw how frustrating this was, and knew that he didn’t want his future business to have this problem.

Tom is also very passionate about giving back to his community. He currently supports Compassion International and has worked with Samaritans Purse in the past to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. While with The Cleaning Authority, he is excited to get involved with The Cleaning Authority CARES. “Any time you’re working in a community and you’re benefiting from that community and serving it, there should be a means of giving back to support the community as well,” he said.

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