Meet our Franchisee: Cathy Wistam

Meet our Franchisee: Cathy Wistam

Cathy Wistam has always thought about owning her own business.

Previously, Cathy worked as an English teacher in Taiwan and a Chinese teacher in America. “I’ve taught a variety of ages from grade school aged kids through adults, including working on an Air Force Base,” she said. Cathy ultimately quit her job to take care of her young kids.

Cathy’s children are now in middle school and high school, so it seemed like a good time to start searching for a business opportunity. Cathy had a friend recommend a franchise broker to her, who presented her with multiple business opportunities. “After researching more, I knew The Cleaning Authority was the right one,” Cathy said. “I felt this one's kind of more for me and I really liked the system. The Cleaning Authority’s systems are very organized. It's a simple business to understand, but yet it has a solid model.”

Cathy wasn’t so sure about the cleaning business at first, but when she saw the software and all the data right at her fingertips, she was very impressed. “I didn't know that the cleaning business had that kind of tools and functionality,” she said. “So that was a big selling point for me.”

Cathy is looking forward to opening her office in Coppell, TX. “There are already about seven to eight offices of The Cleaning Authority in Dallas-Fort Worth area. So, The Cleaning Authority is already a known and trusted name in the area,” she said. She also believes the consistency of the cleaning through the Detail-Clean Rotation System will be a big selling point to customers.

After working as a teacher and a stay-at-home Mom, Cathy is excited to go into business for herself.
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