Steps to Owning Your Own House Cleaning Franchise

The Discovery Process

It’s important for us at The Cleaning Authority that our potential owners are a right fit for our company—and that we are a right fit for them. Success can only be found when both parties’ interests, goals, and expectations are aligned. To ensure our franchise is perfect for you, we will spend time working through a mutual investigation to determine if we should proceed with our partnership.

Finding the Perfect Match

To help determine our compatibility, we have created a discovery process that will thoroughly explore your expectations, abilities, and goals, as well as our expectations and requirements.

Start The Process Today: Call Us at (888) 706-3615 To Begin

  • Step 1: Express your interest.

    To start, you can fill out our form to request more information, or give our franchise developers a direct call at (888) 706-3615.

  • Step 2: Talk with a franchise development expert.

    We will discuss financial qualifications, market availability, start-up timeframe, and training/support.

  • Step 3: Validate the opportunity with other franchise owners.

    By talking to current franchise owners, you can get an understanding of this opportunity, the investment, and the return you can expect.

  • Step 4: Attend a Discovery Day.

    This introduces owners to our systems. Our technology, marketing, and business operations will be further explored, and you will meet members of our corporate team.

  • Step 5: Sign a franchise agreement.

    Upon signing and paying your fees, you will officially be a part of The Cleaning Authority family.

  • Step 6: Attend training.

    We offer nine days of training at our corporate office that will help you learn more about the business. Classroom learning explores our technology and marketing tools as well as management practices, employee training, and financial information.