Why Choose Our Home Cleaning Franchise

Invest in Yourself

TCA group of owners The Cleaning Authority franchise is a scalable business that carries expansion potential. Franchising with us allows forward-thinking individuals to build something that they can be proud of and benefit from many years into the future. With our home cleaning franchise, you can invest in yourself and build a rewarding business.

Why do our franchisees love our business model?

  • Low Risk: Highly recurring revenue + outsourced marketing execution
  • Incredible Competitive Dynamics: “Mom & Pop” local competitors + strong brand positioning
  • Great Lifestyle: No weekends + no late nights
  • Top-Notch Support Systems: Hands-on operations-focused corporate team + deep franchisor support
  • Low Capital Commitment: Low investment cost + limited working capital + no/limited capex
  • Huge Recurring Revenue Opportunity: Franchisees average over $1.193* million in top line revenue, with the top third generating over $1.963 million**

Half of our owners hold MBAs. They saw the opportunity—and it’s time you do, too.
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The Reliable Cleaning Industry

Most people probably don’t think to invest in the residential cleaning industry; however, it’s one that offers many benefits. The Cleaning Authority is a tested business model where our average operator generates $1.1 million* dollars in average annual revenue. This is only possible because of the high demand for our services coupled with a foundation of solid business practices.

Our residential cleaning franchise opportunity is not like any other available in the market. Our key differentiators from other maid service franchise opportunities are:

  • Trend-right environmentally friendly positioning
  • Turnkey customer acquisition strategy
  • Detailed, proven cleaning operating procedures
  • Web-based total management operating system (TCA.NET)
  • National call center to handle estimate calls and scheduling as well as existing customer inquiries
  • Standard operating procedures that target owner/operators

In addition, our franchisees aren’t buying a job, and they aren’t spending their days cleaning. That’s evident in the size of the businesses they build. In fact, compared to our competitors, our franchisees are significantly larger on average and are normally the largest house cleaning service in the market in which they operate.

Unwavering Support & Marketing

Resale Owners - BarrozziMany people believe they need to have a deep understanding of the home cleaning industry in order to be successful with our franchise opportunity. In reality, all that is required is ambition and the willingness to utilize our tools and resources to your benefit. Training and support are offered to every one of our franchise owners and we are always with you every step of the way.

We provide sophisticated marketing systems on both the national and local level that help drive customer acquisition. In fact, 86% of your customers are generated for our franchisees by the corporate marketing support. Our business management helps you know how profitable you are at any given time, while our continuous training and support programs help build a strong foundation of staff members. It’s no accident that we are the largest residential cleaning company in the market. Our high customer retention rate benefits our franchisees and ensures them a successful endeavor.

*Based on 209 Franchised Businesses that were operating for the entire 2019 fiscal year. Your individual results may differ. See Item 19 of our 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) for further details.
**Based on 69 Franchised Businesses that were operating for the entire 2019 fiscal year. We determined the top, middle, and lower performing Reporting Businesses by comparing the actual Gross Revenue achieved by each Reporting Business during the Accounting Period. Your individual results may differ. See Item 19 of our 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) for further details.

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  • “We were looking for a change in lifestyle & the last 10 years have been wonderful.”

    Dave, Cary, IL

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